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Starting-up a new venture is perhaps the most exciting and rewarding experience for an entrepreneur. But this is a journey that is also replete with several potential failure modes. Startup are in dire need of setting up world-class product engineering that are robust, reliable and scalable. Further, identifying and deploying the right technology framework is also very much the need of the hour for any technology driven startup. This is where Frugal Scientific can offer a one-stop shop solution for enabling start-ups establish world-class business systems right from day-1.

How we work with budding entrepreneurs scaling enterprises

Our approach is to enable and build successful new business models in less than 3 months


  • Idea validation, Refinement and  Business model
  • Partnership model, Product Discovery 
  •  Product Engineering and GTM Strategy


  • Market Feedback and Usability Assessment 
  • ArchitecturalUX improvements and  Support automation
  • Technology Audit and Security Improvements

Three Step Monetization


 identify  if the problem
worth solving

Design, Validation & Prototype

Validate if the solution solves the identified problem and can become
a viable business.


Go from a minimum viable
product to a pilot and a
first commercialization 

We Engineer and Sustain

Think big, test small, learn fast

Minimize investment in design &
development before market testing, build empathy with users .

Create open network & communities     

 Enabling partners in a connected ecosystem is vital to ensure the continuity of start-ups.

Be open minded

Induce a nonstop shift of competitive positions through continuous innovation. 

Stay agile

Act fast and be agile to be the first mover and bring new ideas to market in due time.

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Our Technology Stack

Mobile Platform Tech Stack

Frontend Tech Stack

API Platforms and Web Apps Tech Stack

Tech Stack for Databases

Cloud Services

AI and ML Tech Stack

Engineering Practices that we follow


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Product architecture and delivery that we follow supports iterative releases, avoids tight coupling between components and implement metrics that help detect issues in real-time. We work in small iterations that pushes the code into production-like staging environments.


Design Thinking

We take iterative process that understands and empathizes with the solution/problem domain, user and scenarios, challenges and tests the assumptions product or service managers/designers may have


Agile Working

We bring people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task

Responsible Innovation

We make technology solution that work for our partners and budding entrepreneurs by providing context aware, purpose oriented, value sensitive design that involve all stakeholders with transparency and moral justification 

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