Frugal Startup Studio

Frugal Startup Studio is a 'Founder Fit' product engineering and tech incubation model that allows while founders focus on business aspects, the studio supports them in every other way that matters to create a scalable platform or product. End to end product engineering functions are facilitated by the Frugal Startup Studios’ experienced team of product engineers, architects, designers and other subject-matter experts.


Services We Provide

Frugal Startup Studio Service Includes the following

Platform API 

Scalable API first platform built using state of the art Node.js/PHP/Python stack 

Self-Service Portal

Self-service Portal for customers and other potential platform users

Mobile Platforms

iOS and Android mobile apps built on Flutter or React Native stack

External API integrations

Payment and other external API integrations required for platform functioning

Platform Admin Module

Completely configurable platform admin for master data and feature management 

Cloud Ready Deployment

Transparent cloud ready deployment model and platform operations

Addon Services

User Research and UX strategy

Bringing vision for an original product to life is frequently one of the biggest hurdles for product managers startup founders, and aspiring entrepreneurs. We bridge the gap for you.

Managed Platform Support and Operations

New ideas are the lifeblood of a scaling business. But when we have to ensure systems are performing reliably in Production to meet the demands of growing customer base, product development can move down the priority list.

Market Research and GTM Strategy 

When it comes to marketing strategy, it will require the right blend of approaches.

Digital Marketing 

We device a digital marketing strategy for you that will be an efficient way to attract, engage, and delight customers online

Frugal Startup Studio Pricing

We are specialized in SaaS Platform development and Product engineering

Avail our startup centric SaaS based product development services from concept stage to deployment and platform operation support.

End-to-end Product Engineering

'API First' & 'Cloud ready' platform  with Operational Agility


Service for all Platform Types

On-Demand Application

Realtime location aware platforms with centralized or resource availability based pricing models

Entertainment and Social Networking Platforms

Community driven collaboration oriented platforms with specific community themes

Market Place and e-Commerce

Multi-level aggregation and marketplace application

Data Driven Enterprise Applications

Enterprise grade custom applications focusing on specific need

IoT and Hardware integration 

Edge device connected IoT based platforms

Utility and Lifestyle Apps

Platform that focuses on utility & lifestyle application aspects

We Engineer and Sustain

Why Choose Frugal Startup Studio 

'Founder Fit' 'cookie cutter' approach that will reduce the product engineering spent and enable product delivery in shortest span on of time.

Quick Delivery

Predictable schedule and timeline based on market tested approach


Design focused on minimized support cost and self healing models

Unique Model

An all inclusive unique model for startup founders for product engineering and incubation

Cloud-First, API First

Modern product engineering approach that uses 'Cloud First' and 'API First' design models

Responsible Innovation

We make technology solution that work for our partners and budding entrepreneurs by providing context aware, purpose oriented, value sensitive design that involve all stakeholders with transparency and moral justification 

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