We turn your ideas into Products and Solutions that work

We are technology Investor, Incubator and Solution Partner. For a growth stage organisation, we help you in improving and scaling products and solutions leveraging disruptive technologies and combined design and engineering innovations to make you successful.  Let us help you to embrace the opportunities our partnership brings, being a technology and solution Partner.

Our Startup Technology Services

We are building startup businesses and technology products. We offer value-added technology & business consultation and enablement to startups to reduce the risks and increase the chances of success.

Product and Platform Engineering

Comprehensive product and platform engineering services to build, improve and scale product that truly cover entire product life cycle as a technology partner for you. 

Tech Scaling

Helping startups to re-engineer and optimize products by assessing existing application, pain areas, and future business goals.

Have confidence before making investment into a new venture, looking under the bonnet of technology platform, engineering practices and the technology leadership teams.

We invest our inhouse technology blueprints for equity and a part as services fee to demonstrate our commitment and share ownership in the entire startup journey. We have excellent track record in the area of Logistics, Media, EduTech, FinTech, E-commerce and Healthcare sectors.

A fully packaged solution for startups and scaleup to access the best technology leadership talent on a cost effective partnership basis.

Our Partnership Advantages

Go to market faster

Realize your product not in years but in weeks. Listen to the market accommodate changes at faster pace

Be relevant in tech space

We will help you in deciding on the technology stack based on the business domain, platform model and user distribution, which will be cutting edge.

Reduce your costs

Create platforms at a fraction of the market cost, by utilizing time tested ‘puREST’ model for faster pace APIfication and domain model adoption

“Stumbled upon a great idea? We as a startup technology incubation center will help you define and devise a plan to get MVP out to the market in 8 to 12 weeks.”

Team Frugal Scientific
Why choose us

- Our experience puts you in a unique position to accelerate startup growth, innovation and mitigate the risk of startup failure
- Technology expertise and product engineering are at the heart of our value proposition. We use cutting edge API First, Cloud ready solution models
- We constantly innovate and reduce idea to market time
- Using product engineering and design thinking methods, we are able to deliver working solutions and allow you to see measurable value right away

Anil Prasad

Co-Founder & CEO 

Kiran Valsan

Co-Founder & Director

Sunil Kumar


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Facts about Us

Journey so far
  • We have created diversified tech portfolios.
  • We backed world’s talented entrepreneurs.
  • We have built thriving startup ecosystems.
  • Established a 'Frugal' Product Sustenance model
Time Tested Assets
  • 'puREST' - Time tested domain based API service fabric models.
  • 'cloudSox '- Secure model for deploying the solutions on demand to cloud environments with real-time feedback.
  • 'OpSure' -  Flawless operational environment monitoring and support model.
In Summary
  • Founded in 2017
  • Talented 29+ technology associates
  • Empowering Startups At Every Stage
  • Frugal innovation and Digital Disruption is in our DNA

Our Mission and Values

Enable sustainable way of lasting social impact and become essential to aspiring entrepreneurs by providing differentiated solutions and services to help them achieve their aspirations. 


We walk in the shoes of our  partners and their customers


We are transparent, candid and honest in our dealings


We take initiative in solving social problem using technology and capitalize on opportunities


We believe in limitless possibilities and embrace uncertainty and ambition 

4+ Years of Technology Innovation

Frugal Scientific Pvt. Ltd. is a technology investor, incubator and solution partner founded in 2017 as part of innovation Center for NXT8 Inc with six in-house founding members

Released NXT8's flagship product Logislinq. Handcrafted solutions for NXT8 Inc's partner network - Music discovery and couple of other platforms | Established 'puREST' model for 'APIfication' of domain services. Solutoined and onboarded multi service on demand local mover's service platform for NXT8 Inc.

Handcrafted  'AI' based API driven mobile technology platform for multi service transport segment platform - RYDZ | Established first joint venture firm Flusso Solutions Pvt. Ltd | Launched multi service on demand service platform for education service providers as NXT8 Inc's partner | Created first of its kind solution for IoT based music education emphasizing on content and real time notes | All inhouse data service platform for music discovery launched for NXT8 Inc's partner entity.

Enablement and migration of core banking system backed Open Loop pre-paid card platform as a tech partner for fintech firm | Onboarded as the technology partner for Redlogik Solutions WLL.

Established second joint venture firm Medelynx Solutions Pvt. Ltd and launched Quikpharma | Technology partner for a Finance Media Company | Frugal Scientifics' flagship SaaS platform for reverse logistics and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) platform - Easybin beta version | Rural commerce and geotagged local small business services - Mypoggi beta version | Secondary sales and network management - SaleStrait | Multi vendor sales and distribution platform - BittyBru  

Our Track Record


Startup Ventures


Successful products


Years of experience


Technology Partnerships 


Enterprising full stack engineers


Logistics, Media, EduTech, FinTech, E-commerce and Healthcare - Focus Sectors


Global Presence - India and Malaysia


Home grown assets

Our Way of Working

1. Founder first

We always have new projects in the product line ready to be launched. We are simply looking for the right captain to steer the ship.

2. Incubation

Get an initial technology incubation and bootstrap your product or service ideas the first 3 months, gain traction with the goal of converting your initial paying clients.

3. Market fit

Execute well orchestrated GTM strategy and achieve the first 50K subscriber base and start building a team, expanding your product or offering, and onboard a smart investor.

4. Acceleration

At this stage, we will not be very involved at an operational level, but will remain as active board members or as a technology advisor.

Let's build it together

Do you have an idea, business concept or partnership proposal?
We're always willing and ready to listen to your request. So, if you like our work and you want to discuss, contact us.

We take our Technology Incubation efforts seriously and seek to work with the most impactful and innovative for our partners and enterprises. 

Registered  Office

#677, 1st Floor, 13th Cross Road, 27th Main Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, India

Technology Center: #60/182-A22, 2nd Floor, K Zone Trade Centre, Makkolath Lane, Opp. Coronation Theatre, Kozhikode, Kerala 673004, India




+91 7736530365 / +91 9110895656 (India)
+60 1111337150  (Malaysia)


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